Parents blame teens suicide on facebook


Britnee was very popular at her junior high school. She facebooked constantly and reports say up to 23 comments had been made on some of her status updates. She loved the attention so much, she would even go so far as to post things like, “I’m going to bed now” and “I’m eating with the family. Lame!”. She was happy that even posts such as these would garner so much attention.

She even once exclaimed to her mother while they were fighting, “You know how many e-mails I get a day, like almost hundreds!” She felt on top of the world.

It was not until summer break that she found out how cruel the world can be. She went on a family vacation and had forgotten her iphone charger. She left the house with it already low on battery. She was able to get in one just a few text messages before it dying.

Her mother recalls the trip. “It was hard on all of us. None of us remembered chargers and we were on a remote island. There were no chargers there and concierge were so stupid they couldn’t even come up with one. It was a terrible vacation. None of us could facebook and rub this in our friends faces. Such a waste of a trip”.

That island paradise trip was especially hard on Britnee. She had no communication with the world she loved. No communication with friends. The only thing that kept her going was she knew she would have thousands of e-mails from facebook and tons of text messages when she got home. She was shocked to find she had none. Not one. No one seemed to care that she was gone for 5 whole days.

She went into her parents bedroom and took 27 bottles of various prescription medicine bottles. Then went upstairs to her room and proceeded to take every pill from every bottle, washing them down with cool, refreshing Evian water. On a Friday night, a night she would usually be out and about with friends, but ignoring them while facebooking other people about how awesome her life is. Instead she was lying unconscious in her bedroom. Her iphone was on the charger, but it too was not making a sound.

It was not until Monday night that her body was discovered. Her parents had not realized she had not gone to school. They got a wall post on their facebook from the school reporting her absence. What made it worse was all day while at work they bantered on facebook saying things like, “She probably missed the bus and is actually having to walk. Good. She needs the exercise LMFAO!” and “Does she even know how to walk? I don’t remember teaching her! LOL!”

Things have been so bad the parents have considered closing their facebook account, but have decided to turn it into a tribute to their daughter. Even setting up a way to receive donations for the trial.

The family is no longer speaking to the press and have directed all matters to their attorney. Their attorney held a press conference saying, “It is clear to the family who is to blame for this atrocity and we have filed a suit against facebook so that other parents won’t have to go through this same embarrassment”.

Her funeral is this Saturday. Her parents ask that people attend the funeral in lieu of facebooking their condolences.

Calls were made to facebook, but not immediately returned.

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