Hockey season


Is it wrong of me to more excited about the hockey season more than the football season? Hockey is not nearly as glamorized in the press. During the football season you can be guaranteed most things reported are stories outside of the sport or non-stories manufactured by the press. Granted some of these deserve press, but more in the section of police reports. If I had enough care to track a few seasons and report accurate stats I am guessing a season would look like the following.

• 20 manufactured Terrell Owens stories

• 14 manufactured Ochocinco stories

• 12 drunk driving arrests

• 9 beat wife/girlfriend/mother of children stories

• 3 gun toting stories

• 6 cops called to residence stories

• 2 incidents at strip club stories

• 7 illegal drug related stories

I do not blame the players for the over saturation. I don’t really blame the press, although they deserve some of the blame. I blame me and whoever else feeds them. We drive these stories. We are to blame. This is the first year I have decided to take a stand. I do not click on anything that pertains to the above bullet point points. I actually have never cared about these stories, but like most I am looking for things to occupy my mind. I realize one way or another most of this information is going to enter my brain, but I just want to make sure it cannot be tracked. Since Hockey is not nearly as popular a sport it gets much less press. On top of that they have fewer incidents outside of the sport. When it is Hockey season I get to think and read about hockey. It is pretty darn nice.

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