I want to say Amy


I want to say Amy or maybe it was Becky
I don’t remember
In nineteen eighty-five, Eisenhower Junior High
In early December

My father had just died and like boys do
I used my sadness to get to you

I want to say Christy or maybe it was Dana
I don’t remember
We ate at Taco Bell, stole the window decal
For their new burrito

I remember your smell and the feel of your breasts
But for the life of me I can’t remember your name

I want to say Gina or maybe it was Heather
I don’t remember
I remember thinking it was love and that we’d never part
In mid December

We’d talk on the phone for hours at a time
Then you broke up with me and it broke my heart

I want to say Kelly or maybe it was Lisa
I don’t remember
There’s a burning question I have deep inside of me
All these years later

Whatever happened to that window decal?

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