In your name we pray, Ramen


Many of us have gone through what we call, “The Ramen Times”. Many of us (myself included) have even put pen to paper and discovered that we can eat an entire month for around $15. This maximizes money for cheap beer and whatever else you find yourself into. I do not want to know what that is.

However there comes a day when Ramen turns on you and you do not know when that day is going to be. When it happens it can throw a wrench into your beloved budget plan. Here are tips to maximize the amount of time Ramen is a beloved gift raining down from the salty God of awesomeness.

Tip #1

Just because the juice is there, doesn’t mean you always have to drink it. Mix it up a bit. Try boiling the noodles, draining them, then adding the spice packet to them. This makes for a richer flavor and less slime potential.

Tip #2

Make sure not to overcook the noodles. Master the cooking of them and don’t let them get soggy.

Tip #3

You must eat Ramen at as hot of a temperature as you can take without burning your mouth. Stay very close to your bowl of Ramen and monitor the temperature closely.

The reasons Ramen can turn on you boil down to cold and/or slimy. Either of these can cause you to not even be able to look at Ramen going forward.

Many of us have fallen the same way. We think, Ramen takes a while to cool down. We’ll just let it set a while and come back to it. Then we come back after it is a little too cold and it hits our mouths like slugs and it is game over.

Then it is on to the new food era of mac and cheese, which while cheap can more than double your food bill to $30-$40 a month and then how are you going to afford all that debauchery?

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