Awaiting my meal


I originally wrote this on June 7, 2009. I wrote this down while waiting on my food at a nearby cafe. Completely ridiculous rambling.

Awaiting my meal

This girl sitting at an outdoor table
Across from me, at about 1 o’clock
Not the time, the location
It’s actually 6:15pm
She says to her friend
Me and my boyfriend are good
As long as it’s just him and me
Then immediately said;
and with a serious face mind you,
You should come hang out with us sometime

She’s about a 6
Just to paint a picture
A little chunky, but in her mid twenties
So metabolism and gravity have not yet
Gotten their hands dirty
Dark hair, but not quite black,
A red dress a little too cute for her
Probably 5′ 2″, hints of teenage acne

Oh shit, maybe she’s in her early 20’s
I pegged her for 27 or so
But she just mentioned she has a year of college to go
& then in the midst of this recession
Has the gall to say
When she graduates she can work anywhere she wants
The other girl,
A little cuter, like a 7.2 said;
With the same inflection I was wanting to say,
And she answered, yes anywhere
And I’m buying a house on the Eastside
Because there are totally cute neighborhoods

Just so we are clear
I’m like a 3 on a good day
I’m not pretending to be some great authority on looks, like I’m all that

She is twisting her hair, the girl who is a 7.2
Which is supposed to mean she’s unfulfilled sexually
And I’m kinda confident in that area
I mean, I’m pretty good
I’m no John Holmes or anything, but I’m doing okay down there

Now they are both twisting their hair
This is where I would totally move in if it weren’t for that whole 3 thing
And this isn’t one of my good days
I could stand a shower
Maybe tomorrow

At 3 0’clock the hippies have now lit up their weed
Again the location, not time
It’s only 6:21pm or so at this point
Weed. Right in the open
I don’t smoke but the smell is epic
Here comes my food
I love this place
The veggie royale is terrific

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