Who is the next great black quarterback?


The black quarterbacks have taken a hit over the last few years. With McNabb closing in on his career, who will take his place as a great black quarterback? I guess some would argue that McNabb is not great, but he certainly has been one of the better quarterbacks during the span of his career. I’ve never considered him a 2 or 3, but sometimes I’ve considered him to be in the top 5 during certain seasons. He also for the most part has been a class act and a very positive role model.

Michael Vick is still young enough to get his career back on track and Vince Young is as well. Neither seem to have what it takes to be a great quarterback in this league to date.

Both might get the chance to prove themselves soon. I am looking forward to seeing if they can rise above our retoric and excel at their position.

David Garrard, JaMarcus Russell, Seneca Wallace and Byron Leftwich have not shown us a great deal. Byron is what he is and not much is going to change there. Some of the teams that these players represent are certainly not built for success as well.

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