Maybe Nets Time


The Nets have just set a new record for the worst start in NBA history going 0-18.

At this pace they have a chance of destroying the worst losing record in a season. The worst is 9-73; set in 1972-73 by the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Nets are currently on pace to win 4 or 5 and technically they haven’t really even set the pace yet as they have not won one single game. Who knows they could go another 18 games without a win, though it is highly unlikely.

I feel sorry for the team and the players, but I also love records being broken. My love for records being broken easily out weighs my sorrow for the team. I would love to see them go winless. I would like nothing more than that, as far as basketball is concerned.

I will hang on every game of theirs for the rest of this season or until they get 9 wins.

Sorry Nets. I’m a sucker for records. Please keep losing. If you’re going to be bad, you might as well be the worst of all times.

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  1. Right after I wrote this blog the Nets won. Since I wrote they have gone 3-15. They still have to win 6 out of the last 46 to tie the the record. I am hoping they will set the new record for fewest games won in a season.

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