Avatar, A love story


I am actually not looking forward to this film, mainly because James Cameron is behind it. I fear above all the special effects and interesting plot lines, in the end will boil down to a love story. The same thing that made Titanic a piece of shit movie. Well, one of the things that made it a piece of shit. I hope I am wrong.

This movie is not only pushing the envelope in special effects, but in advertising as well. This movie was written heavily into a script of the TV show “Bones”. The show almost revolved around the release of this movie and I found myself disgusted by it and wondering how much it would cost to buy your way into a TV show script. Gross. I am sure this is to become a trend and everything we see on mainstream television will now be a commercial. This is the kind of act that makes me disgusted with our greed and lack of appreciation for all forms of art.

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