Poorly thought out reviews of TV shows


Unfortunately I am addicted to Hulu at the moment seeing as I do not have a television. I caught up on shows people are watching. Here are some short reviews.

The Cleveland Show – Not funny. Seeing as they use the better jokes on The Family Guy this show suffers for just lack of jokes. I know it’s a cartoon show and they don’t really develop characters, but the Cleveland character is much different from the character he was on Family Guy. Then the cast of characters around him is atrocious.

30 Rock – Has some funny moments and I like the cast of characters on this show.

Bones – Here’s where my man card gets played and my shallowness is exposed. This show is terrible. The cast is poor, the scripts are terrible. The only thing that has made me watch more than one episode is Michaela Conlin. Even though her character sucks, I find her hot, hot, hot. This show also sold out and wrote a script promoting the movie “Avatar”. This show should die a horrible death for that.

House – The opening episode of the season was tremendous. My problem with House has always been the absolute laughable predictability of it. It has somewhat settled back in that predictability after the first episode, although it has made efforts on occasion to go off script. Still I like the characters and enjoy the antics of House.

Community – Has some funny moments and I actually like Chevy Chase in his role. I also have always liked Joel McHale from The Soup and like that he is having a little more mainstream success. Overall pretty much a throw away comedy, but there are worse shows out there.

Fringe – Are you serious? This show made it to a second season? Really? Holy crap this show sucks to the highest degree. Such a stereo-typical crime show that I cannot stand it. On top of it the story lines are horrendous. I want to punch everyone in the face that is on this show and especially the old man that plays Dr. Walter Bishop. What a joke. It took me a few episodes to even believe a show could be so terrible.

FlashForward – Too early to really tell, but it’s interesting enough to make me continue watching until I decide whether I like it or not. The most recent episode is fairly terrible. Basically in that episode a guy admits to killing hundreds of thousands of people and then roams town unprotected and no one is trying to kill him. They just give him dirty looks. They will have to do much better than that.

Parks & Recreation
– WOW! Can a show be more obvious that it’s trying really, really, really, really hard to be The Office? Even having some of the same cast as The Office and you can draw a line from each character on this show to one on The Office. Even using the exact same documentary shooting method as The Office. Wow, TERRIBLE!

Heroes – Sucks, made it through almost one episode before I couldn’t stand it anymore.

V – Interesting show, but who doesn’t already know where this is going? This is what is wrong with shows in America that have anything to do with something threatening to take over the world. American will win and defend the entire planet. Oh sure they will dig such a deep hole, you’ll think there’s no way out, but guess what suddenly America figures it out and BOOHYAH! AMERICA Fuck yeah!

Lie to me – Although I find this show a bit entertaining I never really buy in to the characters. I feel like I’m watching acting most of the time.

Castle – Terrible

Sons of Anarchy – Pretty decent show and I like the cast a lot. Good acting, good writing.

Sanctuary – Please saves us all from this horrible show. That’s a bit unfair of me seeing as I seriously made it through 4 minutes.

Family Guy – First episode of the season is pure genius. The rest of the season has some funny moments and some episodes are stronger than others, but I still enjoy the pop culture references.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – I want to like this show because I know some people who like it. I find this show overall to be horrible. I never have bought in to the characters and never for one second do I feel like I’m watching anything more than people act out a script. There are a few clever episodes here and there, but this show borders on unwatchable for me.

SNL – I will not watch one single second of SNL until they have a decent actor and a good musical guest. I will not tolerate sketches that SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK and sit through whatever bullshit “artist” is being shoved down teenagers throats these days. Give me a real musical guests and a decent actor and maybe, just maybe I might watch some of it.

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  1. I LOVE Family Guy as well. One of my favorite shows, but the show has suffered recently given the fact that Seth now has The Cleveland Show to supply jokes for as well. All in all the last season was still pretty damn good. I just don’t find I laugh as often as I do watching recent episodes as I do when watching seasons 3 or 4.

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