Bananarchy is back


Okay, so the one on the left is more likely to be a penis than a banana, but I trust you will be able to tell within the first bite. I will let it be your call as to whether you would return a frozen penis should you get one.

Bananarchy is back in south Austin at a new location, but not far from it’s last location.

I ate there twice last year. It is a simple concept, frozen bananas dipped in your choice of a few things and a few options for toppings.

The first time I ate there I was not crazy about the frozen banana. It is like biting a popsicle, which the thought of is giving me the chills right now.

The second time I decided to take it home and put it in the fridge for about thirty minutes to let the banana thaw slightly. Putting it in the fridge keeps the toppings from melting, but allows the banana to thaw. That was most certainly the way to go for anyone whom, like me cannot bite into something frozen.

I am a fan of the banana dipped in chocolate and peanut butter, sprinkled with toffee.  If you find yourself on south Lamar, near Barton Springs on a nice day, it is worth checking out.

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