Posters from the shows


I did not have time to design posters for every show at Flipnotics, but here is a collection of posters I did design for some of our shows.

This Monday is my last show at Flipnotics for a while. I hope to get a poster designed for it. I will be joined by Andrew Pressman on upright bass and hopefully some others as well.

Southpaw and Robert Steel Live at Flipnotics

I was lucky enough to book many of my favorite Austin musicians to play shows with me. Graham Weber was the first guy I saw play live when I got into town. He was hosting an open mic. I walked in to see him sound checking and he was so good I freaked out and left to go home and practice. For this poster I used an old picture of my mother with a nice stringer of fish.

Graham Weber and Robert Steel playing live at Flipnotics

Johann Wagner is a local favorite and in my eyes somewhat of a local legend in the folk world. He is king of the Kerrville Folk Festival in a way because he’s a crowd favorite and takes full advantage of playing and listening non-stop while he is out there.

Johann Wagner and Robert Steel Live at Flipnotics

Last and certainly not least it was my honor to share the stage with Dan Grissom of  Some Say Leland. Dan is one of my favorite songwriters right now. Period. Not just in Austin. The way he goes about telling a story is very compelling and very well written.

Dan Grissom and Robert Steel Live at Flipnotics

I also shared the stage with many other friends and great songwriters whom I did not get a chance to design a poster for. Among them are Matt Burnett, Max Gutierrez, Adam Kobetich, Country Willie, Merritt Fields, Nic Walker, Ron Scott, Sunny Fairly.

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