Annie Street Arts Collective Field Recording Sessions

Annie Street Arts Collective Central Presbyterian Church show

The venue for the show. Central Presbyterian Church.

Over a year ago I started a project under the Annie Street Arts Collective. I was going to field record different bands and songwriters in strange places and release a CD of it. What started as a small, quick project quickly turned into something large and magical.

The word grew quickly and I got to as many people as I could and we narrowed it down to a 2 CD set.

The first person I recorded was Country Willie. We headed to a tunnel in South Austin next to some railroad tracks. What happened during that recording session set the tone.

From there I recorded under bridges, in creek beds, abandoned mental institutions, abandoned strip clubs, docks, parking garages, stairwells, park restrooms and so on.

I recorded somewhere between 40 and 50 hours of audio. We picked the best moments from all those sessions and have spent the last few days printing everything up and making it look pretty for our CD release tomorrow at 8PM, Central Presbyterian Church at 200 E 8th St. Austin, TX.

Adan Falconberry, Some Say Leland, Country Willie and Merritt Fields will be playing live in this beautiful space.

Please join us for a magical night of music.

Adam Kobetich of The Electric Mountain Rotten Apple Gang

Adam Kobetich recording among a pile of trash at Mckinney Falls State Park

Dana Falconberry

Dana Falconberry and band recording in creek bed in South Austin

Robert Steel recording session

Robert Steel recording session at abandoned strip club in South Louisiana

Some Say Leland

Some Say Leland recording in abandoned mental institution

Southpaw Jones

Southpaw Jones recording among a gaggle of geese

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