CD Release – OCT. 14th at The Cactus Cafe!


Artwork by Adam Kobetich

In spring of this year I began recording my first full-length CD. Originally it was going to be a solo acoustic EP, but grew into something bigger.

I have had some things slow down the release of this CD, but the time is finally here. On October 14th at The Cactus Cafe we will present, “The Calm Waters of Youth”. Most of the musicians that appeared on the CD will be joining me on stage. The doors open at 8PM. It is a FREE SHOW and to add to that, the amazing songwriter and Austin legend Southpaw Jones will be playing a set as well.

To listen to the new CD go here. I hope you can join us celebrate this CD as we are very proud of it.

Matt Burnett Making things sound awesome.

Matt Burnett who is a sound/recording engineer in Austin, TX was at my house with his equipment to have my roommate (Andrew Pressman) record some upright bass for his own record. I walked in to find an impressive amount of quality gear set up in my living room. I complimented Matt on his gear and he said he’d love to record some of my songs sometime. I was heading out of town the following morning for a few days, but we scheduled time to record for the day I got back into town.

Adam Rader laying down electric guitar

We got together and laid down 4 or 5 guitar tracks over a 2-3 hour period and then decided to get together the next day and record a few more. We wrapped up 8 tracks over two days with guitar and scratch vocals.

We had a lot of fun doing it and worked well together so I asked him if he was interested in having a few musicians come over to contribute. It snowballed from there. With every session came magic and new possibilities. We ended up scheduling drums, bass, electric guitar, rhodes, cello, accordion, trombone, harmonies and before we knew it we had ten songs with a full band.

Derek laying down drums. Also with out the shirt cause he canb pull it off.

We used my original guitar tracks. They had a looseness to them they really helped contribute to the vibe of this record.  You can also hear dogs barking, buses going by, birds, wind chimes, etc. We embraced these sounds as best we could. Sometimes they ruined takes, sometimes they contributed to takes.

Derek Hansen from Wino Vino was the first to come over and lay down tracks. We recorded Drums over two nights. Derek had a lot of great ideas and came right in and nailed things. It was such an easy session. Matt and I were giddy after Derek’s sessions.

Derek playing items found on the porch

Derek sent me an e-mail about an idea he had for a song. He wanted to record some things on the patio. Far be it from me to get in the way of that, so that is what we did. He set up the patio with things he wanted to use and recorded it. We ended up using it in the track.

Next we brought in Adam Rader from the band Some Say Leland and The McMercy Family Band to play electric guitar. Adam has a knack for knowing what to play and pulling melody lines out of thin air. We recorded him over a couple of afternoons.

Andrew Pressman was next on upright bass. Andrew plays with tons of bands and songwriters, but spends most of his time playing with Raina Rose.

Andrew Pressman, bass player extraordinaire

Not only is he a tremendous bass player, but invaluable on a recording project all the way around. He knows a lot about music and how to record it and how to make something sound great.

Stephen Smith from Some Say Leland and The Biographers came in and laid down rhodes, trombone, accordion and glockenspiel. He also thoroughly entertained us with some improv silliness. There’s video of it floating around somewhere. I can’t really describe that moment.

Stephen Smith on Accordion

Stephen is an amazing musician and composer.

David Moss laid down cello. David is in the band The Blue Hit and is an an extremely incredible musician, as well as songwriter. He released a CD this year to rave reviews.

Then Dan Grissom from Some Say Leland laid down some harmonies on a couple of tracks and my friend Linky Dickson laid down harmonies on one track.

We wrapped it up by having it mastered at Cacophony Studios by Erik Wofford.

Adam Kobetich did the artwork for the CD packaging. Dan Grissom and I will be letterpressing the artwork. I made 24 page booklets for the insert. It has been a fun process!

David Moss from The Blue Hit

I would be delighted and honored if you could join us at The Cactus Cafe on October 14th for the official release. It is a FREE SHOW and I am very proud of what we created. Again Southpaw Jones will be playing a set as well. He is one of my favorite songwriters and if you haven’t seen him, you are in for a treat.

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