Letterpress and Orange Soda


Sanctuary Print Shop

Saturday morning, Dan Grissom and I headed to the Sanctuary Print Shop to letterpress my packaging for my new CD. Dan is the letterpress operator there and also does graphic design for them as well.

It was an all day event. We got there before the crack of noon, spent a couple of hours prepping and tweaking the printer to print the cover. Once we got it all set up we were hungry.

Mandarin Orange Soda from Maine Root

First however, Dan had placed two Mandarin Orange Sodas in the freezer. We took an orange soda break. They were just a tiny bit too frozen, but thaw quickly and we downed them. Perfection. The sodas from Maine Root are amazing.

We walked over to Taqueria Chapala and had some Mexican food. This is becoming a favorite Taqueria of mine.

Front, printed and drying

Once we got the front side printed, we cut the booklets. The booklets are 24 pages, with lyrics, studio photos, childhood photos and the story of the CD. The large cutter there saved us a ton of time on hand cutting. The machine got it done in a few minutes, what would have taken us a whole day by hand.

The inside of the CD case

We then moved on to print the inside of the CD case.

We also took another break, but this time for a blueberry soda, again slightly frozen.

We got out of the shop around 9 that night. A roommate had set up the sheet and projector in the living room for us to watch a movie, but first we were all hungry. We headed to South Side Pizza and got some food to go. Then went back to the house and watched Shaun of the Dead. Well I mostly slept.

The CD release for this CD is Oct. 14th at the Cactus Cafe. Doors at 8. Southpaw Jones starts the night off. Southpaw is one of my favorite songwriters in Austin. I’m honored to share the stage with him and at The Cactus Cafe no less. What a great night it will be.

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