The Calm Waters of Youth


I’m late to the game. Real late. I released my first full length record at age 41. I am a grandpa. It’s crazy times.

Although I’m throwing my hat in whatever ring it is I’m throwing it into, I’m happy and proud to do it.

Last night I released my CD at the world renowned Cactus Cafe. The premier listening room in Austin, TX. I was joined on stage by an amazing cast of musicians. Andrew Pressman (Raina Rose Situation, Sick’s Pack to name a very small few), Derek Hansen (Wino Vino), Adam Rader (Some Say Leland, The McMercy Family Band).

These three guys have contributed to 17 CDs in the last year that I know of. I’m honored to have them on my CD and I’m honored to share the stage with them.

Southpaw Jones was gracious and started off the festivities with an amazing set.

I’m still riding high from the show last night. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported. I really appreciate it.

If you would like to hear the CD or buy a copy you can do so at

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