New/old EP


A couple of years ago I met a wicked banjo player from the UK, Dan Edwards. He was living in Austin at the time. I dug his playing, he dug my songs, I asked him if he wanted to play/record some tunes. He said yes. We played here and there, but mostly drank a lot of beer.

His visa was expiring and he had to go back home, but the day before he left he came over and laid down some banjo. A while before that him and my friend Neil Brincks laid down some harmonies on the tunes.

I’ve enjoyed these recordings and had fun recording them. I’ve sat on them a while and I figure I should probably release them out into the wild.

On this EP are four tunes of mine with some wicked claw hammer banjo. Only one of these songs is on my full-length record, but it’s a different version.

Then as a bonus, I am tacking on a rap song. Yep, a rap song mixed in with some kind of bluegrassy tunes. It’s my CD so why not?

The rap song was produced by Billy Harvey who has produced brilliant CDs by the likes of Bob Schneider, Steve Poltz, Charlie Mars, Slaid Cleaves, Blu Sanders, Ginger Mackenzie, Trish Murphy, Kacy Crowley. I should also mention he has a vast discography of his own and you’d be doing yourself a favor to check out his work.

Billy and I spent a day on the rap song. It was a good time and a great experience to work with such an amazing and kind human-being.

I only printed up one hundred. They are hand numbered. These are available at my shows, on my site and available for digital download as well. I doubt I will print anymore. You can also listen to them on my site.

The CDs were letter-pressed by me. There is a 2 panel insert along with the CD.

A printed and mailed version of the CD is $5. A digital download is $3.

Tracks listing: Piece of Another Puzzle, Goin’ Fishin’, Hillbilly Hat Diet, Did I Say That Out Loud, Sesame Street Rap

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