Weekend of friends, music and food


Friday night I headed to a friends birthday party downtown. It was a super crowded bar and I’m not good in crowded bars where I’m not getting to watch someone play music. We stayed for a few minutes and then walked over to the CD release of Hard Proof Afrobeat and we also caught a couple of songs of Kalu James. A friend of ours, Michael Rubin plays with Kalu, so we got to see him in action, which was cool.

What I saw of Kalu, I really enjoyed.

Hard Proof Afrobeat was wicked. I would try to describe it, but it’s best told by this short video. Just take this video and imagine a full set like this basically. Same venue, same girl dancing, it was exactly like this.

Then Saturday night I went to the Eagle Eye Williamson CD release. It was on a big double decker river boat in downtown Austin.

My friend works with Eagle Eye. I had never seen him before, but it was entertaining. He played a drum set, guitar and sings at the same time. He played guitar with one hand. He did all hammer on and pulls offs on the guitar which was impressive.

He also had a keg of Chimay, a keg of Live Oak HefeWeizen and sandwiches, so for 20 bucks it was a pretty good deal.

We road the river boat up and down Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, the night could not have been any nicer. We smoked fine cigars, drank fine beer and listened to some fine music.

I picked up his CD, which is printed on old album covers, so everyone is different. Dan Grissom was the originator of this idea, but Eagle Eye Williamson was the first one to be able to use the idea. It is great. It makes a really nice and unique package. Here’s the one I got.

This show was over fairly early so we headed to a vitagraph, american thanksgiving movie night. Vitagraph, American is put on by my friend Cole Roulain who is a huge movie buff. Once a month he selects movies to show outside on a big sheet, usually at my house, but this night it was being hosted by Stephen and Lauren Smith. We watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Big Night. Big Night was excellent. It was released in 1996 and I’ve always wanted to see it. It was nice to watch it outside with perfect weather. There was tons of food at the party as well, so we ate spaghetti, meatballs, pies and so on.

For the last 4 years at my house there’s been a potluck Thanksgiving party. We had this years on Sunday. I made my great grandmothers macaroni and cheese recipe. It was a blast. Charles brought me a big goblet that said, “playa” on it, so I also busted out my necklace that says “pimp” on it, so I was straight up pimpin’.

We then set up mics in the living room and recorded some hand claps for Alexa Woodwards new CD.  Her CD is sounding amazing! It is being engineered by Stephen Orsak.

I then had to head out to see the Dresden Dolls. I had never seen them before. I rode my bike over to La Zona Rosa and got there in time to catch 4 or 5 songs of the opening act, Girl in a Coma. I enjoy seeing girls rock. It’s a beautiful thing.

Then the Dresden Dolls came on and kicked ass for 3 full hours, ending the encore with the song “Boston” and “War Pigs”. Boston is my favorite song of theirs and it was so moving. They both were crying and so into it.  Dresden Dolls are a duo and have also had an intense love for each other. The song Boston tells the story perfectly. Here’s a video of the song.

Tonight, the Cactus Cafe open mic. Come out and play some tunes with me.

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