Photo of the day – 03


This photo was taken at the church I grew up in with our pastor, whose name I do not recall. I don’t recall why this photo was being taken as well.
As for the kids, left to right:
Me, Torre (don’t recall last name), Paul Harper, Cara Forest, Connie Cude (in back), Kimber Wigington (in front) and Angie Schnackenberg. I’m not making these names up.
As any kid who lives mostly in his head, I had a crush on all of the girls in this photo at one time or another, but mostly Kimber. Kimber had a sister a couple of years older than her and one a couple years younger than her. They were all cute. Their dad was rich and one of the big players in town as far as wealth.
For my eighth grade spring break I went on a church ski trip. Kimber went as well. I don’t recall this making me excited, because I was pretty much a loner at my church. I spent the entire bus trip there, sitting alone and listening to Iron Maiden. At this stage in my existence, I had become comfortable with not fitting in with the popular clicks. From Oklahoma to Angel Fire in Colorado was a long trip and I spent all of it alone.
When it came time to ski, I had just figured I’d be skiing alone, which I was totally fine with. However, a kid Brent Wiseman was on the trip and he had never been skiing and was afraid. I had been skiing a lot since I had relatives I visited in Steamboat Springs every year.
Brent was a popular and out-going kid, but was a bit hefty and was more of a friend to girls. I understood that plight. He also had an older brother who was the most popular kid in school and was the sports star, Steve. I felt that pain too as my step brother that had moved in with me, was way more popular than I was.
Real quick story about Steve Wiseman and then I’ll get back to the original story. In 8th and 9th grade I had spent a great deal of time building a friend foundation with a girl named Christy Snow. Christy was beautiful, but she wore a back brace with the bar that went above her head and made a band around her forehead, just a terrible thing to have in junior high. We were tight and I was really into her. In ninth grade she got the brace off and became popular. I went to her house one night on my bike. I was listening to Scorpions World Wide Live on cassette. I didn’t like the Scorpions, but at the time I was trying to give them a chance.
When I got to her house Steve was there making his move. She was so excited and into him. We all three sat on the couch awkwardly for a while, and then they made an excuse to go to her room for something. Like a complete dumb ass, I sat on the couch for like two hours before giving up and leaving. I was pissed that Steve who had put in no effort what-so-ever now is suddenly interested when she gets the back brace off. I lost Christy to popularity and pretty much never spoke to her again.
Oh crap, this leads to another story about this time frame. I had Christy in English class in ninth grade, which was the main time we got to spend together during school. Shortly after she got the back brace off and got popular, my dad died. A teacher we had hated me, because I was a cut up in class. The first day I returned to class after my dad died, the teacher, Mrs. Wiseman called on me (Yes, related to Steve and Brent. It’s their mother). I had not been paying attention as usual and with no will to be funny, I just calmly said, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention”. As she licked her finger and turned a page, she said, “That’s why you’re going to end up drunk and dead, just like your father”. The class fell completely silent. I was too numb at the time to care. I calmly packed my things and walked out of the class, went to the principal’s office and just said, “I’m not offering a reason, just move me to another English class today and tell me which room number I need to show up to tomorrow”. Knowing my father had just died and seeing the seriousness in my face; he offered no resistance. I never spoke of it. My mother never knew. However I saw Mrs. Wiseman in church every Sunday and like a bitch she would always come up and try to say hi to me. I would just never reply.
Okay back to Brent, this is Mrs. Wiseman’s son who hadn’t skied before. I know I got off on a long tangent. Brett and I went skiing together every day and I taught him everything I knew as far as skiing. I took him on greens and eventually, blues. He wanted really bad to be able to buy a black diamond patch for his jean jacket, so on the last day I took him down a black diamond. We both bought black diamond patches and I still have the jean jacket with my patch on it. I can’t look at that jean jacket without thinking about that trip.
Now back to Kimber. She was on the trip and I had rarely talked to her. She was just so above me in my mind. However one night we were all hanging out and cutting up and laughing and suddenly a fart slipped out of her. It was amazing! She’s human! Not only did a fart slip out, but instead of being embarrassed, she embraced it and just starting ripping more farts and laughing hysterically. For the rest of the trip, Kimber and I were cool. I could talk to her and hang out with her. I could have never gone out with her, but we could be friends. When we went back to school things slowly went back to normal and we fell back into our clicks. But from then on I saw her in a whole different light.
I have stories of every girl in this photo, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

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