Photo of the day – 05


When it was time for me to start junior high, we moved to the other side of town. The new house we moved into was backed up to a large creek. Seeing as I was into turtles, snakes and fish and had no friends on that side of town, I would spend all my time after school wandering up and down this creek. Too much time really. I would go to school stinking of snakes and creek mud.
One day in seventh grade, my mom had a talk with me and told me I needed to start showering every morning and putting more thought into what I was wearing to school. That was a little funny, because I didn’t really have much in the way of clothes. I had one shirt I liked and I wore it Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It was a blue, red and white cheap polo type shirt. It was mostly blue with red and white horizontal stripes.
My mom took me shopping. We had a hundred dollars to spend. I got a couple pairs of Ocean Pacific corduroy shorts and a few Ocean Pacific shirts. At one point I sat the bags down in one of the stores and have no idea how long we were walking around without the bags until my mother noticed and asked where they were. I didn’t know, so we back-tracked our path and never found them. I was out new clothes. My mom was pissed. I was crushed and felt like an idiot.
My mom worked for a dentist at the time and they had a son a little older than me. They gave me his clothes he didn’t wear anymore, which was a ton of authentic polo shirts and Ocean Pacific shorts. I got to look real preppy and I was happy about it, because the girls I had crushes on were preppy. Polo and Izod clothes were the pinnacle of preppy clothes in the early 80s.
It didn’t however stop me from catching turtles and snakes in them.

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