Photo of the day – 06


Do you recall yesterday’s photo of the day? I mentioned that in seventh grade I wore a blue, white and red shirt 3 days a week to school. Here I am wearing it.
My dad got me this domino rally. I managed to play with it a great deal. I believe I got it for my birthday two months prior to this photo, which would have been my 12th birthday.
This kitchen was atrocious. You can’t tell, but the counters behind me are bright green. The carpet was mustard green and puke yellow and was poorly installed so it had a ton of ripples in it.
Many years after my dad died and my sister and I had moved out of the house, my mom got a letter in the mail. It had something to do with our father and basically my sister and I were being awarded $4,500 or something like that. We told my mom to keep it and do whatever she wanted with it. She remodeled this kitchen. Trust me when I say it was money well spent.

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