Photo of the day – 07


Guess which one is my mom. Yep, that one.
My mom smoked most of her life. I gave her a hard time about it as a kid, enough of a hard time that she finally quit. I was very proud of her for quitting.
One day I was looking for something, I don’t recall what and I looked under her bed. I found a large ashtray full of 80-100 cigarette butts. At this time she was supposed to be over 2 years tobacco free. I was really disappointed and I pulled it out from under the bed and called her back to her room. She was embarrassed, but defended herself. She said every now and then I have one before I go to sleep. I knew that was a lie given the amount in the ashtray.
Later on she really did quit for a few years. About a year after she was diagnosed with cancer she started back up. She knew she was dying and if she wanted to have a cigarette, she was going to have a cigarette.
As her death was approaching she and I would sit on the back patio, me with a cigar and her with cigarettes and we’d talk about life. In a lot of ways my mom was as lost as I’ve always been. We talked about it at great length. It was comforting and sad to know someone else who seemed to struggle with their existence as much as I do. She is greatly missed.
All of these photos I’ve posted lately are from her house. I was there recently and went through some old boxes of photos.

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