Photo of the day – 09


This is my sister on my bouncy horse. I rode that bouncy horse for thousands of hours. If I was not on the bouncy horse, I was outside swinging on my swing set, which I did for thousands of hours as well.

Perhaps that is a stretch, but I tend to doubt it is. I lived in this house, with this horse until I was six. I remember a lot from this house and this horse. My mom and dad were on the verge of divorce. They fought a lot. It gave me a lot of anxiety. I would ride that horse all night. I do mean all night. That’s not an exaggeration. I would ride vigorously, like I was racing.

I would also swing on my swing set outside all night, literally until daylight. My mom and I talked about this a great deal in my adult years. She said she’d get up around three of four sometimes to get a drink of water and I’d be out there swinging. She’d just let me continue on. She knew their fighting was weighing on me and just figured I was doing whatever I needed to do to cope. She said when she would get back up in the morning I would still be out there. Same with the horse, but the horse was more distracting and would keep her up. I would race and sing. I would never stop singing. I don’t know what songs I knew at that age, but I know I sang constantly while rocking and swinging.

I still have this horse. It’s in my moms shed. There’s actually a few of my childhood things left in that shed; A Winnie the Pooh toy box with some toys still in it and my Hot Wheels City.

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