Photo of the day – 13 – Mud Cave


This is my grandfather and his son. It’s pretty obvious they are nothing alike.

For a few years in a row, my daughter and I went skiing in Colorado during spring break. For me it was as much of an excuse to see my uncle who lived in Colorado. I felt a kindred spirit with him and it was the only time each year I got to see him.

One year he was living in Denver. I asked him where a good place might be to stay in between Denver and some ski resorts. Some place close enough to where we could get into Denver at night to see him. He recommended a place called Indian Springs Resort. If I recall correctly about seventy miles west of Denver.

Although my uncle often lived somewhere in Colorado, he also lived in France, Florida, Mexico. He was a world traveler. As far as I was concerned he had seen it all. He was adventurous, open-minded and fairly crazy.

He told me if we got a place at Indian Springs Resort, he would also get a night or two there with his girlfriend and hang out with us out there. This sounded great.

Indian Springs resort sits on a natural springs pool. It’s a hippie type place, with mud caves, hot spring pools with mediation style music playing. Nudity is commonplace.

One day my uncle suggests that we all go to the mud caves. They had a men cave and woman cave. My daughter and his girlfriend went to the woman’s cave and my uncle and I went to the men’s cave. The thing about these caves is that it is all nude. You aren’t allowed to wear clothing. I am on vacation, so I am up for the adventure of sitting nude, in mud with my uncle.

We get down to the locker room in the cave, stripped naked and he says, “let me go in and check out the scene and I’ll come back for you”. I say okay and I wait outside the cave and watch him disappear into the darkness. About a minute later he comes running out in a healthy trot with his penis flapping and he says in a low voice and serious voice, “Let’s get out of here”. We run over to the lockers and start dressing while our laughter grew. The laughter soon got out of control and we both erupted in uncontrollable laughter. We could not get dressed we were laughing so hard. Remember that we are in a cave, so the laughter is swallowing us with echo as well as everyone else in the cave. We finally managed to get dressed and we barely made it up the stairs into the lobby of the resort from our laughter. We get back to the hotel room and my daughter is on the bed and looks like she’d seen a ghost. I asked her how it was and she was horrified. Turns out, they left soon after getting down to the cave as well.

I finally asked my uncle what he had seen and he would not tell me. He said it was best I not know and he wishes he could unsee it.

Over the years he would never tell me. I never got to find out what was in that cave.

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