Status of Maximus


Tonight I headed back to the scene of where I found Max. I was going to post a note on that gate nearby, hoping maybe that would give me a lead. I took Max with me and he rode with his head out the window. He knew where we were. I wanted to see if maybe he was excited or sad to be there, but I couldn’t get a read on him.
When I arrived at the gate, it was open and there was a cloud of dust down the dirt road, so someone had just entered. I made the quick decision to head down the road and see about catching up to them. When I looked at this property online, it was a curious looking place. While driving down this winding dirt road following a cloud of dust, I started to get real worried and many times I thought about turning around. What if this was a cult? What if this was some top secret place and I am stumbling onto some Government alien place? Or even the easy one, what if it’s a trigger happy rural land owner? I followed the cloud of dust for a mile, but it seemed much longer.  The road was not in good shape, so I had to maneuver around washed out parts of road.

I finally come up on the end of the cloud of dust and it’s a pickup with a small covered tailor parked up against a tall chain link fence with barbed wire around the top of it. No one was out of the truck. I opened my door and got out. A man gets out of the drivers side and turns towards me. I asked him if he’d lost a big dog and he said, no and asked if I had it with me. I said yes, so he came towards the car. He seemed friendly. I noticed he only had his second finger on his right hand. All other fingers were gone. He looked in my window and said, Nope, that’s not mine, but he’s pretty. Are you gonna keep him? I said, first I’m trying to find out if a family is missing him. He said dogs get dumped on that road a lot and just imagined someone dumped him out there. He says he sees lots of dogs that have been dumped out on that road. He said, he would take him if he were a cattle dog, but can’t justify having a dog that isn’t a cattle dog. He was there to round up a couple of calves off the property. He was in a hurry to round them up, so I let him get to it and I left.
I then decided to go into the closest town to put up some signs. There was the small town grocery store where I got a peach at the day I found him. I figured that was a good place to start, because everyone needs groceries.

I walked in and the man that runs the place was behind the register. I asked him if he had a place where I could put up a sign for a lost dog. He asked me what kind of dog. I told him, a big one. He asked if I had him with me and I said, yes. He yelled for his worker, Jimmy. Jimmy took over checking people out and he came out to my car.
His eyes got wide. He got real serious and said in a thick Iranian accent (I think). You are not going to believe. What I tell you, you not believe. Oh this dog. This dog I used to feed a couple of years ago. He run all over town. I put food out, I whistle, he come eat. Then out of no where this old lady posts a $400 reward for him. Everyone in town look for this dog. Even police look for this dog. He disappeared. He never come around no more. He just gone. Every once in a while someone would say they saw him, but he would not come to them and they could not catch him. He asked me how I caught him. I told him he just jumped in my car. He laughed and said, all these people looking and he just jump in your car. He asked if I could keep the dog for a few days and I said yes. He yelled for Jimmy. Jimmy! Jimmy came outside. Get this man some dog food, he hollered. Then told me I was good man for helping this dog. He asked for my number. I gave it to him. He told me he would find out what he could and give me a call. He thinks the old lady died because she doesn’t come around anymore. He said he would try to find out, but that his gut was telling him to that if she is still around to not give him back to her. He told me he didn’t think she was good to the dog. I took the dog food and Max and I went on our way.
Max might not even be the same dog. Still, it was an entertaining and exciting little journey out to Manor, TX. The more I search the more it looks like I might not find a loving family that is missing Max. I will keep at it though. I’m not sure I’ve met a better dog. I can’t find a thing about this dog that isn’t absolutely adorable. He’s loving, obedient, house trained, doesn’t chew up anything. I can’t image this dog being from a bad home.

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