Photo of the day – 14 – Photo shoot


There was a lot going on around the time of this photo. I was eighteen. I was going through a divorce. I had recently moved back in with my mother and step dad. The divorce was ugly. We were both unfaithful to each other. My wife was currently pregnant with another man’s baby and they were set to get married soon.
During my marriage, we bought a new car, a four bedroom house and lots of other things to fill the house with.It was shocking to me that anyone would sell anything to us, but my wife at the time was in the army which means you have a job you cannot get fired from, therefore anyone in that town would sell you anything.
My wife wanted everything in the divorce. I was happy about that, because I wanted nothing. I wanted to leave it all behind.
The supervisor at my factory job was a lady named Pam. Pam was trying to get into photography and I volunteered to be one of her first paying customers. I wanted to get some pictures with my daughter, so I took her with me.
I remember the night being real humid. It was making my hair frizzy and it was bugging me that my hair was frizzy. I bought my daughter a cute little dress and a bow.
Pam herself was just beginning to go through a divorce as well. It was at this photo shoot, that I found that out, because her and her husband fought about it at the photo shoot. I left that job and that town shortly after. I have never seen Pam again.
The necklace and ring I am wearing, I acquired at my dad’s estate auction about three years prior to this photo. My father had passed away and I guess did not have a will, so I had to go buy things at his estate auction, like a fucking garage sale. All his stuff from his house was put out in the yard and sold off. I ended up with his ring, necklace, some guns and some fishing equipment, some of his Texaco work shirts and some odds and ends. My sister took a large rug and I think that was all she could afford. That rug is in my step dad’s house now.
Shortly after this photo, I moved to Dallas. One night I left the ring and necklace in my middle console to go into a heavy metal club. When I came out, my truck was broken into and the jewelry was gone. I combed pawn shops for months, literally months. I never found either.
I remember being somewhat happy my father was dead at the time I was going through the pregnancy and marriage. I felt guilty about being glad he was dead. Up until then, I was terribly sad he was dead. My dad was hard on me and held a lot of power of me. I am pretty sure how he would have handled it. He would have made me feel two feet tall, and then cut off all communication. For how long, who knows? I doubt he would have come to the wedding. He was stubborn. Hell, he didn’t talk to me for over a half a year just because my hair was too long. I think he would have come back around at some point, but I am pretty sure we would have gone years without talking.

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