Raina Rose, Caldera



A couple of years ago under this bridge I recorded Raina Rose playing two brand new songs. They are great songs and at the time I remember thinking, “Raina Rose is real damn good at what she does”. I included them on a double disc CD compilation of field recordings of many great artists. Those two songs are also on her brand new album, Caldera. The two songs are “Woodsmoke” and “Apostle”.

I first saw Raina Rose in maybe 2009 at the legendary Cactus Cafe in Austin, TX. She struck me as a great guitar player and songwriter. Every time I saw here from then on she was taking giant leaps as a songwriter.

She’s been a songwriter for a living for quite a few years. It’s hard to convey how difficult that is to do and how much sacrifice it takes.


Her new album was recorded in Austin, TX at Church House Studio. In my opinion it’s her first great sounding album. Although I love all of her albums, because great songs are great songs. I believe it’s real hard to mess up great songs in the recording process. The new album is rich and tasteful and oozes a great vibe; A vibe very true to Raina as a person. An album that has a lot of heart and love to it, even when it’s delivering dark subject matter.

She has become one of my favorite songwriters. You should really consider buying her new album, Caldera. It’s an great collection of songs, done with a great band around her. Support great artists like Raina Rose in any way you can. It’s never been more important and vital to songwriters/bands these days to have fans that buy music and go to shows.

Here is the song “Woodsmoke” as it is on her new album

You can buy Caldera at http://www.rainarose.com

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