Me and the wife



In a few days I will spend a great deal of time with my ex-wife. Our daughter is having her second child and we are both going to Colorado to be with our daughter and see our new grandchild into the world.

I only see my ex-wife at funerals, weddings and births. Seeing that we divorced 24 years ago or so, it doesn’t even feel like it happened in this lifetime.

Over the last few years there have been many deaths in my family. Although Rhonda (my ex-wife) did not get along with my family or even spend much time with them at all, she has come to all my families funerals. I find that very touching.

I only met her family twice while we were married. Once at the wedding and we took one trip to see them in Indiana immediately following my graduation. I mean immediate. We left from my graduation to Indiana.

In the mid-nineties I wrote a concept album about that time period in my life. From age 15-18 My father died, I got a girlfriend, got her pregnant, moved out of my moms, married my girlfriend, had a daughter, bought a four bedroom house, a new car, graduated high school and got divorced.

I hope to one day make that album. I’m not sure how well I can connect with it emotionally anymore, but that is not to say I would not. I just do not know.

Also a long time ago I wrote some lyrics down about the one thing that kept me from going insane and suicidal during my marriage. That one thing was my car speakers. My wife once accused me of cheating on her, when in fact I was spending time driving around and listening to heavy metal, mostly Queensryche (Operation: Mindcrime) , Iron Madien (Piece of Mind) and Dio (Last in Line). I finally finished that song and it is on the new album, WOLF.

You can pre-order the new album at:

Here are the lyrics:
(FYI 6×9’s are the size of common car stereo speakers)


I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door closed
Locked it behind me, then I climbed out the window
Unlocked my car, pushed it out into the road
So when I started it, they would not hear me go

I picked a cassette, loaded it into the stereo
Turned the knob as far as it will go
Feel the vibration coming out of the speaker cones
My rear view mirror shaking, my hands, my soul
But right now everything’s fine

‘Cause I’ve got my car, my six by nines
Mindcrime on the alpine
Everything’s fine as long as I have my six by nines

All hell is breaking loose back at my home
My mother and sister are at my fiancé’s throat
But Rhonda is tough as nails and holding her own
They’re fighting over me and they don’t even know
That I’m gone, so far away

‘Cause I’ve got my car, my six by nines
Piece of mind on the alpine
Everything’s fine as long as I have my six by nines

Flashback to a year before, I spent a week re-carpeting my car
And building a box for some new speakers to impress a girl
I thought she’d only like me if I had new carpet in my car
And speakers a foot behind her head
And we would go out every night and blast her favorite Whitesnake song
While fucking on fake sheepskin covers in the front seat of my car
Because we had no where else to go, because I lived at my mothers’ home
And now we have a baby on the way

‘Cause I’ve got my car, my six by nines
Mindcrime on the alpine
Everything’s fine as long as I have my six by nines
I’ve got my Jensen six by nines
Last in Line on the alpine
Everything’s fine as long as I have my six by nines

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