I want to say Amy


In nineteen eight-five I went to my first heavy metal concert on June nineteenth. The band was Ratt. It was general admission at the Great Plains Coliseum in Lawton, Oklahoma. It is a real stretch to call this place a coliseum. It is more like a large warehouse, smaller than a Wal-Mart.

great plains coliseum

I worked really hard to create heavy metal attire. I got a pink bandana from my sister and tied it around my thigh. My sister also had a kind of netting tank top thingy that she gave me. I cut it into a half shirt. I had some work out gloves with the fingers cut out. I put on my grey stoned-washed jeans, teased my hair up with Aquanet hair spray and had my mom drop me off at the show.

Shortly before this concert experience, my father had died suddenly. I was still reeling from it.


The concert was general admission, so I ended up down in front. After the opening band, Mama’s Boys, I met a girl named Amy Macel. She wasted no time being very flirty and it was not long before we started kissing. During the show, she began grinding on me and letting me feel her boobs. I was fifteen. It was awesome. After the show she gave me her phone number and told me to call her.

I wasted no time. I called the next day and she asked me if I could come over. She lived on the military base, which was far away when you did not have a car. It was about fifteen miles away. I needed a ride so I called around. My step brothers’ friend David offered to give me a ride for ten bucks. I gladly agreed. He drove me out to Amy’s and dropped me off.

When she answered the door she seemed very uninterested in me and getting any conversation going was difficult. Shortly after I arrived, another guy came to the door. She was excited to see him and they quickly retreated to her room as I sat in the living room by myself.

This was well before mobile phones, so from her home phone I kept calling David’s house over and over until he finally got home and answered. I told him what had happened and begged him to come get me. He felt sorry for me, so he turned around and came back. I was at her house for a little over an hour. I never saw Amy again, but I will never forget that bitches name, which is relevant, because she is the girl that inspired a song on my last album called, “I want to say Amy”. Although, I remember her name very well, there are several girls that I dated at that time whose names I cannot recall.

Here’s the song I wrote about it that appeared on my last album, The Calm Waters of Youth.

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