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Girl I dated, whose name I do not recall


I used to give quite a few presentations when I was working in the corporate world. I worked for a massive company and the presentations were always to other people in our company. After one of my presentations a girl approached me to ask me questions about my presentation. It seemed like she was slightly coming on to me. In the rarest of occurrences in my life, I just got ballsy and asked her out. She said yes.

For our first date I brought flowers and chocolates and took her to a nice Italian restaurant. I could tell during that date it probably was not a good fit. She spent her time at the restaurant judging and commenting on what other women were wearing and the styles of their hair. She was ugly about it. I was pretty turned off by it. The meal was decent enough, so all was not a waste. I dropped her off at her house and went on my way.

A few days later she called me to see if I wanted to go play some pool that night. I had nothing going on, so I accepted. We went to this little dive of a pool hall in a strip mall that at some point was a new and exciting addition to a neighborhood, but now was old and mostly vacant.

I love playing pool, grew up on it and had even seriously considered playing professionally at one point. I let her win, not because I was trying to earn points, but because I could tell she was a real sore loser. She started to a get a little too drunk, too fast. I went to the bathroom and was trying to figure out how to handle the situation. When I came back to the table, she was angry and pointed a guy out to me. She said, “That guy just called me a bitch. What are you going to do about it?” I was pretty sure she had incited the situation. The guy in question was not trying to escalate it to a fight. I told her I was not going to fight and that it would be better if we just called it a night.

She got mad at me, questioned my manhood, but then apologized in the car ride home and tried to make out with me. I was not into it. By the time I got her home, which was at most a ten minute drive, she was throwing up in the parking lot of her apartment complex and could not walk. I carried her inside, cleaned her up as best I could at the bathroom sink and put her to bed. I slept on the floor next to the bed to keep an eye on her. I wanted to make sure she did not puke on herself in her sleep. She made it through the night okay. She was however mad I chose to sleep on the floor, instead of in the bed with her. Not in a way that concerned my comfort, but in a way that said, “Why didn’t you take advantage of me, I would have been fine with it”. She was fairly mean that morning, but I did not really care at that point. I left that morning, but stopped by her house later in the day and made her some soup to help cure her hangover and she was still mean, so I broke it off entirely. I was just trying to be a good friend at that point, but even being her friend was not worth the headache.

A year or so went by and I got an e-mail from a friend of hers that also worked at our company. She told me that she considered me to be a very nice guy, that her friend always spoke highly of me and that I should give her friend a call. I asked why, she said “well right after you went on your dates with her, she met a guy and fell in love. He was still married, but promised to leave his wife for her. He eventually did and they were going to get married, but literally on the way to the wedding he got in a wreck and was killed. She could use a nice guy to help her get through it.”

I responded thoughtfully and eloquently, but the gist of my e-mail was  “There is no way I’m going to insert myself into that shit storm”.

There were no more e-mails exchanged.

Poorly written short stories from the road Pt. 1


Yesterday I drove through Claremore, Oklahoma. The last time I had been in that town was in 1992. I remember it well. I was driving back and fourth from Dallas to Claremore as often as I could to see a girl I was certain I would one day marry. Never had I been more certain about anything. Never had I been so taken with a girl and seeing as my crush had been boiling for 6 years I had reason to believe my love was real.

The first time I went to see her I was so nervous. We had recently confessed our love for each other over the phone and this would be our first meeting since knowing what we both wanted. It took us both a couple of days to make any kind of move. We were both so nervous. We hadn’t seen each other in close to 4 years. We were standing on a dock. I pulled her back against me and held her hand. That beautiful, lightly freckled hand with short fingers. I left that weekend on top of the world.

The second time I went to see her was New Years eve day 1991/92. Her Christmas had come and was pretty heavy, given she was dealing with ailing parents. Over the phone she had mention how hard it had been to get excited about the holidays. I had thought out my plan to incredible detail. It’s the best example I have as a testament to how I set expectations I can’t possibly continue to live up to.

I got a motel room  (because there were no fancy hotels near by). I set up a jam box in the room that I rigged to start playing romantic Christmas songs when we walked into the room. I iced down a bottle of champagne. I bought real nice champagne glasses. I laid out your standard new years eve celebration noise makers and hats. I brought a real Christmas tree in my car from Dallas and talked the motel into letting me set up the Christmas tree in the room. I decorated the tree. I put lots of presents under it. I cannot recall what all gifts were there, but I do remember a really nice coffee maker, because she had once mentioned how she wanted a real nice one that could make the foam. I had two dozen roses in the room for her. There’s probably more that I am forgetting.

We spent the night tangled up in each other to the point that when we heard the new years count down we stopped to celebrate it, only to realize it was a re-run at like 3am. We had completely missed the New Years countdown and possibly one or two other re-runs of it.

Leaving was incredibly difficult. Usually I would leave her house in just enough time to drive straight to work. I would leave her house around 1am and pull in to work at 7am, after a weekend of very little sleep and a 6 hour drive. I was more than happy to do it. At the time I was going every other weekend because I was seeing my daughter every other weekend.

She was only to live in Claremore for a short time and was set to move back to the west coast after a couple of months. She was there to deal with ailing parents. The expectations were clearly set. She was leaving. There was no plan to talk her out of it. I had fully accepted and embraced it. I knew the west coast made her happy.

When she left it was not a big deal and although I greatly missed her, I still knew one day we would marry. I was certain. That was 19 years ago. I have seen her maybe once or twice since and each time very brief as it was normally some airport layover that gave us 30 minutes or so and even both of those times were more than 15 years ago.

I still think of her literally every day. That’s not a lie or exaggeration. Not a day goes by that she does not cross my mind. I believe our window has closed, but still hold some small hope that one day we’ll find a way to open it again. At the same time I want to avoid trying. We aren’t the same people we were then or at least I’m not. I don’t believe we could find that spark again. Sometimes it’s better to pretend it would still be there, then to find out it’s not.

One day when I went to visit her before she moved, we spent the day shopping at a mall. She picked out some clothes for me. I still have those clothes. Something won’t let me get rid of them, even though I will never fit in those clothes again. Every time I see those clothes I think of what might have been. Maybe it’s time to clean out my closet.

Huffy Pro Thunder Poster Update


Huffy Pro ThunderWalked by places I hung posters a few days ago to hang some more. Here’s a poster with all but three urls taken! Most had 1-4 taken, but this seemed to be a popular intersection.

If you want to help me spread the Huffy Pro Thunder word see 2 blog post before this one, download the poster, print and hang it anywhere you can.

I have tracking set up on my website to tell me which states and countries are looking at my site, this morning I had 2 in New York, 2 in Georgia (If I recall correctly) and 9 in Texas. Looking forward to seeing more traffic from States people are hanging these up in.

Thank you for your support!

One night only!


A friend of mine (Cole Roulain, vitagraph american) runs a great movie blog. Fairly recently he posted a blog that poses the question, “If you could show two movies in a theater on Halloween, what would they be?”. Even though my blog isn’t about movies I want to participate in this.

Let me say first off, I’m not a big movie buff. Not because I don’t appreciate them and not because I don’t love them. I don’t watch many movies because I rarely feel like going to a theater and I rarely have the attention span to sit at home (or anywhere) and watch one. I’m not particularly good at focusing on anything for more than an hour. That’s about the max on a good day.

Of the two movies I am choosing, one of them I barely recall. Why am I choosing this? Because I remember seeing it in my youth and remember loving it and imagining now it would be more funny than scary, but hopefully would deliver a little of both. It is a movie I’d like to see again because I’ve only seen it once and it’s been decades since I saw it in the theater.

That choice would be the movie, Alligator.

I saw this in the theater with my friend Pete Nicholas. Once we saw the trailer, we could not wait to see it. I’m guessing we talked someone into taking us to see it. I cannot recall that part.

I was 10 or 11. I remember more of it than I do most movies I saw at that age. I remember the scene where the alligator crashed a wedding and remember thinking it was possibly the greatest scene ever.

I want to see this movie again and more importantly I want to see it on the big screen. I might like it, I might hate it. It might be funny, it might not. If I had one night at a movie theater I’d be willing to take a chance on this film.

On top of that, I’m just a sucker for gators.

I saw The Shining at a drive inn with my mom and it is hands down, no question, easily the most scared I’ve ever been while watching a movie. I had nightmares for weeks. Hallways in general suddenly freaked me out. I still can’t stand hotel carpeting not only because it’s horrendously ugly, but because of this movie.

When I watch this movie I can literally smell the rooms of the scenes. I do not why that is, but I can. Maybe it’s because my dad looked a lot like Jack Nicholson and I am just recalling what my dad’s house smelt like, I am not sure, but I can smell the rooms.

Shelley Duvall freaked me out and still does.

Every time I watch it, it gets me on edge. To watch it on the big screen would be fantastic!

Best Birthday Present


This year some friends came to visit me in Austin, TX. We did our usually things. We ate ourselves silly and went swimming at Barton Springs.

This picture was captured on my birthday by one of my friends visiting (Robbie Wilson). I should mention that the front of the thong has a zipper.

There’s a lot of things about this photo to enjoy. Enjoy!

Photo of Robert Steel and an old man in a thong.

Lake Travis water level


For some reason I have been fascinated over the last year with the water level of lake Travis.

I believe it was sometime in June when it was announced that all businesses on Lake Travis would be shutting their doors due to the low water level.

On September 28th, 2009 the water level reached it’s lowest of the year. It was 52.24 feet below full pool. That is really, really low.

Here is a picture of the lake on that day.

With October came rain, lots of rain. The problem being the ground was so dry that it absorb much of that rain and the lake barely rose.

Luckily the rain continued into November and the lake began to rise. Then a rainy December came. Then a rainy January. Then a rainy February and March.

A couple of days ago after months and months of unusual heavy rain the lake reach full pool.

Here is a photo of it.

This year all the local douchebags will get to reach their full douchebaggery potential on a nice full and beautiful lake. Shiner Bock and Michelob Ultra will be flying off the grocery store shelves as all the bros and hoes gear up for summer days on the water, rotating two songs. Jason Mraz “I’m yours” and The Lonely Island’s “I’m on a boat”.