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Shame on you New Jersey Nets


I love sports records. After about twenty games into the NBA season, it looked certain that the New Jersey Nets would break the record of worst NBA team in history. The worst record being 9-73. New Jersey looked very poised to posses a worse record.

Then right before the end of the season they string together three wins, bringing them up to ten wins, with only eight games left to go in the season.

I am disappointed in them. They easily had a chance to own the worst record in NBA history and they could not even do that right. Thanks for nothing New Jersey Nets.

While I am at it, shame on you San Antonio Spurs, for letting them get their tenth win against you.

Long December


There’s no reason to believe the Cowboys will be better than last year.

The Cowboys have a tough month of December. Even the Redskins will be a tough game because of the natural rivalry and because the Redskins have nothing to lose.

They have San Diego, New Orleans and Washington over the next three weeks. All tough games to win.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Cowboys (and sports in general). It’s hard to live in Dallas for 20 years and not get caught up in them, but I fully realize if I never lived in Dallas I would hate that team. If find myself cheering them on and happy when they lose. It’s a strange feeling.

A large part of me has wanted pure failure from them this year because of the new stadium and prices. I’d love to see Jerry take a hit and be forced to make his team more accessible to the real fans.

Maybe Nets Time


The Nets have just set a new record for the worst start in NBA history going 0-18.

At this pace they have a chance of destroying the worst losing record in a season. The worst is 9-73; set in 1972-73 by the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Nets are currently on pace to win 4 or 5 and technically they haven’t really even set the pace yet as they have not won one single game. Who knows they could go another 18 games without a win, though it is highly unlikely.

I feel sorry for the team and the players, but I also love records being broken. My love for records being broken easily out weighs my sorrow for the team. I would love to see them go winless. I would like nothing more than that, as far as basketball is concerned.

I will hang on every game of theirs for the rest of this season or until they get 9 wins.

Sorry Nets. I’m a sucker for records. Please keep losing. If you’re going to be bad, you might as well be the worst of all times.

A Cutler below the rest


Just looking at Jay Cutler I can tell you he is not and will never be a great quarterback. There are certain people who tell you all you need to know by looking at them.

It is the same way I know Sam Bradford will never be a great pro quarterback.

It makes me wonder how much stock people put into selecting people for their team and if sometimes they get fooled by not being swayed by looks. Looks certainly can not tell you a lot in football, but at the quarterback position it is fairly easy to sum up how good a man will be based on his look. Not his good looks, his bad looks. Just looks. The kind of look that tells you this person will make bad decisions under pressure.

Jay Cutler has it and Chicago ignored it, so now they are stuck with yet another average quarterback.

Who is the next great black quarterback?


The black quarterbacks have taken a hit over the last few years. With McNabb closing in on his career, who will take his place as a great black quarterback? I guess some would argue that McNabb is not great, but he certainly has been one of the better quarterbacks during the span of his career. I’ve never considered him a 2 or 3, but sometimes I’ve considered him to be in the top 5 during certain seasons. He also for the most part has been a class act and a very positive role model.

Michael Vick is still young enough to get his career back on track and Vince Young is as well. Neither seem to have what it takes to be a great quarterback in this league to date.

Both might get the chance to prove themselves soon. I am looking forward to seeing if they can rise above our retoric and excel at their position.

David Garrard, JaMarcus Russell, Seneca Wallace and Byron Leftwich have not shown us a great deal. Byron is what he is and not much is going to change there. Some of the teams that these players represent are certainly not built for success as well.

Hockey season


Is it wrong of me to more excited about the hockey season more than the football season? Hockey is not nearly as glamorized in the press. During the football season you can be guaranteed most things reported are stories outside of the sport or non-stories manufactured by the press. Granted some of these deserve press, but more in the section of police reports. If I had enough care to track a few seasons and report accurate stats I am guessing a season would look like the following.

• 20 manufactured Terrell Owens stories

• 14 manufactured Ochocinco stories

• 12 drunk driving arrests

• 9 beat wife/girlfriend/mother of children stories

• 3 gun toting stories

• 6 cops called to residence stories

• 2 incidents at strip club stories

• 7 illegal drug related stories

I do not blame the players for the over saturation. I don’t really blame the press, although they deserve some of the blame. I blame me and whoever else feeds them. We drive these stories. We are to blame. This is the first year I have decided to take a stand. I do not click on anything that pertains to the above bullet point points. I actually have never cared about these stories, but like most I am looking for things to occupy my mind. I realize one way or another most of this information is going to enter my brain, but I just want to make sure it cannot be tracked. Since Hockey is not nearly as popular a sport it gets much less press. On top of that they have fewer incidents outside of the sport. When it is Hockey season I get to think and read about hockey. It is pretty darn nice.