Rendered completely without cliché. The musicianship is high throughout, making this one of the most emotional albums I expect to hear this year.
Oliver di Place – Music review blog

Robert’s songs appeal to me on a variety of levels. At times his approach is highly sentimental; at other times it’s very funny. What’s more important, though, is the understated honesty that permeates his work, reminiscent of great American songwriters, like John Prine. When you see Robert Steel live, you come to realise that here is a man who, despite the trials he has faced that are detailed in his songs, is a genuine, good man and we can all learn from his music.
Dan Edwards, Electric Mountain Rotten Apple Gang, Austin, TX

His deadpan delivery of his alarmingly honest words leave my jaw agape every time. I love every one of his songs as if they were my dearest friends.Robert is one of my favorite songwriters in the world and i know an awful lot of songwriters, i am always pleasantly surprised and moved by what he has to offer.
Raina Rose – Multi-National touring songwriter

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